Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Akshaya Patra food supplied to flood victims for 9 days and continuing…

Since 22nd of August, heavy rains have ravaged colonies in Jaipur, the flood has displaced many households leaving them helpless in water logged surroundings. 

Akshaya Patra was requested to supply food in affected areas by the district administration, Jaipur to tackle issue of food crisis and to participate in relief operations.

The free food was distributed in the low lying areas of Jaipur in more than 12 colonies such as Bhatta basti, Shastri nagar, Jahawar nagar, Transport nagar, Girdhari pura, Muhana mandi, Madrampura , Nahargrah, Parwati nagar, Bagrana, Bagru, Galta gate etc. It was also supplied to the water logged areas of adjoining district of Dausa.

Over 40,000 flood victims have benefitted so far. The food distribution is still continuing in a few areas including Madrampura which was visited by UPA Chairperson, Ms. Sonia Gandhi on August 30th, 2012.  
The food was distributed through our distribution vans. 

The vans were stationed near the water logged areas while food was manually shifted to the affected places. The local people helped Akshaya Patra teams in the distribution. The officers of Food and civil supplies, Police and District administration guided whole of the relief operation. A special distributing cell was established at the Jaipur kitchen by Akshaya Patra.

R. Kumar, a victim,  is an Auto Rickshaw puller who lives near the slum area of Sethi Colony Jaipur. His family stays in the village while he earns in Jaipur to support the family. He eats food in a nearby Dhaba (A road side eatery) which could not operate due to excessive rains. Akshayapatra came to his rescue. In his words “Bhagwaan aap ko khush rakhe, aaj aapko hazaron gareebon kee duaaein milengee” (May God keep you happy, you well get blessings of thousands of poor to whom you have fed today). 

This is not first time that Akshaya Patra has partaken in relief operations. Our kitchens are used as public assets in times of emergencies and food is supplied in calamity struck regions


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