Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Feed The Hunger @ Feedthehunger.in

Hunger makes dreams thinner. India has close to 13.5 million children who forgo an education to earn their daily meal.

Akshaya Patra is an NGO that provides mid-day meals to 1.3 million students across nine Indian states, every single day. And when we feed a child that one wholesome meal, we’re not just quieting her hungry stomach.

We’re satiating a far bigger hunger - the inquisitive mind of the child, who wants to learn and achieve something in life. Feed the Hunger is our effort and plea to give children a chance to nourish their dreams.

 That’s why, this Children's Day, we asked the 1.3 million children served by our programme to contour and colour their hopes. The result, are vibrant, original and delightful artworks that chronicle their ambitions. You can order these artworks here for a mere Rs. 675 per card. This amount will put food on their plates for an entire year. But will also, put possibilities in their minds.

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