Friday, 23 January 2015

Mid-day meal strengthening dreams

There are various pointers that will prove the relevance and potential of the mid-day meal programme. With the support of Government of India and the State Governments along with the commitment of various NGOs, the mid-day meal programme has been able to reach the grass root level of the society. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is one such NGO. It provides mid-day meal across 23 locations in India and Puri is one among them. It began serving as a NGO in Puri way back in June 2006. Since then it has touched the young lives of more than 55,000 children studying across 648 Government schools.

There are many of NGO children stories that come to light when we converse with the beneficiaries of the mid-day meal programme. Here is the narration of one of the many NGO children stories.

She is Suchismita Nayak, a 9-year-old Grade IV student of Vijayanagar Project Primary School, Puri. She is calm and soft-spoken but with a very bold aspiration i.e. to become a Police Officer. She comes from a low income family where her father is a tea seller and mother adds to the family income by engaging in stitch work. She is the eldest of three siblings and brings the second born to school along with her. Her favourite subjects at schools are English and Social Science and she adds that she keeps herself updated with current affairs too. A beneficiary of Akshaya Patra mid-day meal, Suchismita relishes matar paneer (Peas and Cottage Cheese) and soya bean. To support children like her donate to Akshaya Patra.

These NGO children stories reveal that if these children receive the right guidance and support then each of them can achieve what they aspire. Click here to know more about this NGO in Puri.

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