Tuesday, 17 May 2016

School Admission Time for the Beneficiaries of Akshaya Patra

Akshaya Patra Beneficiaries

The schools are reopening after the summer vacation. The children are filled with hopes for a new beginning and a new start and they dream to remain in the class rooms if circumstances are favourable. The parents of children from low economic backgrounds in Government schools find it a challenge in sending their children to schools. Most of them cannot afford to give their children a proper meal a day and as a result educating their children remains a distant dream. For them, feeding their children is of utmost importance than educating them.  As a result, education tends to be secondary. So, NGOs in India, like Akshaya Patra takes up the responsibility of feeding children in Government schools in partnership with the Government of India. The organisation works to make sure hunger won’t remain a constraint for children to come to schools.

Food for Education

As the children are getting ready for schools after the summer vacation, the organisation is also ready to welcome the children with nutritious and wholesome meal so that the children have the energy to focus in class rooms. Akshaya Patra is serving mid-day meals to 1.5 million children in 24 locations across 10 states of India, providing them with freshly cooked meal on all school days. To provide children with fresh, warm, nutritious food at the right place and at the right time is not as easy as we think it to be. To retain the quality and excellence tireless efforts are required. The entire kitchens of Akshaya Patra have to prepare tonnes of dal, sambar, rice, rotis, khichadi, different types of pulao, sweet rice, kheer and kadhi   maintaining proper hygiene and quality.

Akshaya Patra Kitchen

The kitchens are equipped with rice cauldrons, sambhar cauldrons, roti-making machines, kneading machines and equipment’s of the latest technology. The organisation keeps adopting new technology for maximum results.

The vacation time for Akshaya Patra is a time for making necessary renovations and changes, buying machines to enhance the kitchens. The processes in the kitchen are never-ending which always require proper maintenance to bring out the best results.  This NGO in India has earned a name for its quality and excellence and for being among the largest provider of midday meals to government schools in the country.

Just as the children are making preparations to come to school with new books, pencils and other school accessories, Akshaya Patra also sees to it that kitchen is under proper condition for welcoming the students to the new period of hopes and dreams by feeding the children. The organisation is striving hard to welcome them and retain them in class rooms so that they remain healthy, strong and intelligent with full attendance for the entire year.

Donate to Akshaya Patra

To make sure that the organisation keeps up with its good work for a noble cause, let us donate to Akshaya Patra and help it to keep serving nutritious mid-day meals to the children.  Let us be a reason of smile to the children and their parents and be a part with the NGO to give children a progressive future.

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  1. In India, many children are not getting enough food. Akshaya Patra is doing good work by giving food for children in government schools. They will get education as well... Thumbs up.

  2. Great, inspiring and amazing work by Akshaya Patra!

  3. Akshaya Patra doing Fabulous work..