Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Mobile App to Help You Feed Millions of Children

Light often shines the brightest in the dark. Our passing world is full of these lights too. Yet your packed schedules keep you away from following your heart. Thus NGOs in India such as Akshaya Patra make a difference by facilitating contributions in the most convenient way possible.

Akshaya Patra App

We’ve tasted and seen for ourselves that online fundraising using a mobile application for our Mid-Day Meal Programme is the most successful and trending non-profit fundraising idea today. What’s refreshing is we are not alone – many Indian non-profits are using disruptive technologies experimenting with fundraising ideas. Here’s why:

Easy to Access

The hassle of doing paper work, visiting offices, delayed responses and piles of forms is often a turn off. Having a charity app that is one click away makes it easier for you to stand for a cause. With Akshaya Patra mobile app, you may fill in the details and donate using an Indian or International account or you could try wire transfer.


When you take a step for a cause, surely you would like to know if it is being put to good use. Charity mobile apps such as the Akshaya Patra app bridge this gap and update you about what’s being done with the resources that are contributed.  This charity app informs you about the geographic locations, statistical data and the difference made. Also, you can view the pictures and videos of where your help is channelised. Moreover, donation apps come with a default transparency.

Assurance of Security

Try thinking of a scenario where you initiated an offline donation and lost the piece of paperwork. It can end your donation status in a limbo and you cannot control where your personal information will end up. Akshaya Patra’s Mobile app for donation cuts through this long process and allows people to donate through secure and authorised merchants. Since Akshaya Patra doesn’t allow other advertisements on the mobile app, no third party is involved. Your information is never compromised or manipulated and never falls into wrong hands.

As easy as it can get

Finally, the essence of charity app for online fundraising can be seen in its simplicity. Imagine spending hours trying to find that one NGO in India that you can help without any hassle and likely to have no success. That’s where the donation app comes in and lets you contribute to any campaign that you feel drawn to help. You can do it with a desire to help, to promote a cause and to be a small part of the big movement of change. Our Donation app is the easiest and most effective way to change lives in this millennial.

Download Akshaya Patra App

Akshaya Patra mobile app lets your appetite for technology and willingness to help the community come hand in hand. To lend a helping hand to a non-profit cause that provides wholesome meals to school children in India, download Akshaya Patra that is made for you. Changing lives is a click away - Apple and Play store.


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