Wednesday, 25 January 2017

We, the people of India Creating Equal Opportunities

Independence to Republic Day: In 1930, The Indian National Congress christened January 26th, that is the last Sunday of January as Independence Day. However, it took us more than 17 years to become independent after that. On January 26th, 1950, it was named as the Republic Day. On this day, India’s constitution came into effect.

The Republic day 2017 marks 68 years of officially being a Republic. As we continue to build our nation one step at a time, let us pledge to make a difference. As we remember the birth of our constitution and recite our preamble, let us believe in creating a healthy community. As we talk about equal opportunities for all, let us ensure that equal opportunities reach those in need.

Achieve Zero Hunger

Achieve Zero Hunger

Quality Education

Offer Quality Education

Empower One Another

Empower one another

Transform Lives

Food and Education

Make a Difference

Make a difference

We hope your Republic Day celebration begins by feeding the hungry to create a healthy India. Happy Republic Day!


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