Friday, 2 March 2018

Unlock Better Educational Opportunities for Children

It is not difficult to bring a smile to the faces of children. But, it can be a challenge trying to ensure a long-lasting smile on their faces.

Education for children
While a little fun and play can keep them happy, the effect of that would be only temporary. What if you are able to keep a smile on a child's face from ensuring they are happy!  Well, you can.

Just unlock a better education for a child. A child denied the right to education, for various reasons, be it due to lack of financial wherewithal or a lack of financial support, can't be happier than by just knowing that he/she can get educated and then be able to read and write. By merely being able to read and write, a child will discover that it has a whole big world it can learn about. 

Here's the chance to light up the faces of children. Make a donation to unlock their smiles! It's easier for children to smile when their stomach is full. A stomach full of delicious, healthy, wholesome meal helps then concentrate and perform better in class. The Akshaya Patra Foundation has known that for the last 17 years. Today, it feeds over 1.6 million school children every day.

While a wholesome meal can drive away hunger, it makes them beam with satisfaction and delight. Akshaya Patra is committed to the happiness of children with its 'unlimited food for education philosophy' and as part of its efforts, the Foundation has launched this special initiative. For every smiley you click to unlock, you sponsor a wholesome meal for a child for a full year. Thus, you can choose to sponsor multiple children and put bright smiles on their faces!

Smile is the key that fits the lock of everybody heart. So, why not contribute your mite towards the cause by donating to the cause. What better vehicle than Akshaya Patra.
Click away your mouse, as it is your key to unlock the smiles of children.


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