Thursday, 7 June 2018

How CSR helps Akshaya Patra?

Corporate Social Responsibility often abbreviated as CSR is a concept of giving back to the society and the environment as part of the organisation’s value system. It is a way to assess and take responsibility for the organisation’s effects on the social and environmental well-being. In short, CSR is a way to initiate a lasting change so that the entire society progresses together. Often times, Corporates partner with various NGOs depending on the cause they identify with to fulfil this responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility

CSR initiatives prove to be a win-win for both the parties - the Corporates and the NGOs. The Corporates get a platform to fulfil their responsibility towards the society and NGOs receive help to stride closer to their missions. As every NGO have their specific roles so does mid-day meal NGOs. And, The Akshaya Patra Foundation is one such mid-day meal NGO in India that has received remarkable support from many Corporates as part of their CSR initiatives. These CSR initiatives have furthered the Foundation’s cause and also supported its efforts in fulfilling the mid-day meal NGO role in India.

Akshaya Patra implements the Central Mid-Day Meal Scheme in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model. This model helps to garner support from all sections of the society and fulfil the responsibilities for being the NGO role in India. Currently, the Foundation provides mid-day meal to more than 1.7 million children in over 14,000 government schools located in 36 locations of 12 states.

This has been possible due to the unceasing support from the Central Government of India, various State Governments, Corporate donors and Individual donors. However, keeping our focus on CSR, many Corporates have come forward to support Akshaya Patra’s cause of providing nutritious, freshly cooked meals to school going children and supporting their education. Briefly, here are the contributions of some of the Corporate Partners:

Vista Equity Partners

Vista Equity Partners, a US-based world’s leading investment firm, focused exclusively on enterprise software, data, and technology solutions, partnered with Akshaya Patra by pledging a contribution of USD 1 million over five years to aid in the Foundation's mid-day meal plan. Talking about the partnership, Robert F. Smith, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Vista Equity Partners was quoted saying, "Our culture at Vista emphasizes the importance of positively impacting and engaging with the communities in which we live and work. At Vista, we invest in the future. And Akshaya Patra’s work does that. By ensuring that students across India have the nourishment they need to be able to learn, the foundation plays an integral role in the education of Indian youth, and we are honored to help them execute on their mission." Click here to read more.

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd.

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. is one of the world’s leading financial groups, partnered with Akshaya Patra to support the construction of the Foundation’s Narsingi kitchen that will provide mid-day meals to more than 35,000 children in Telangana. At the inauguration ceremony Mr. Ryoichi Shinke, Regional Executive for India, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Was quoted saying, “MUFG has been present in India for over 60 years and we have been committed to supporting not only its economy but in making a difference to the local community. By supporting this noteworthy initiative by The Akshaya Patra Foundation, we are providing the necessary conditions for children to attend school and do well, so that they may eventually have a brighter future and contribute to the long-term growth of the country.” Click here to read more.


Rotimatic is the world’s first fully autonomous and connected robot that mixes, kneads, flattens, cooks and puffs, from flour to flatbread in just 90 seconds. Rotimatic partnered with Akshaya Patra as part of the #RethinkVday campaign and donated 5 cents to Akshaya Patra for every roti (Indian flatbread) made. Also, for every purchase of Rotimatic, the Company will support mid-day meal of one child for an entire year. Click here to read more.

Aside from the above-mentioned, Akshaya Patra is supported by many other Corporates such as Auma, GEP, Landmark Group, Novartis, and NetApp to name a few.

In precis, CSR initiatives are significantly important for uplifting and sustaining positive changes in the society and the environment. It is also heartening to see that in recent years, CSR initiatives have gained quite a momentum and are taken with utmost sincerity by businesses - big and small. And, not to forget, CSR initiatives have helped Akshaya Patra to expand its reach and benefit millions of children. It is good to be a part of the bigger change and with Corporate volunteering Akshaya Patra provides a platform for all Corporates to join hands in providing wholesome food to school children so that they eat healthy and read right. And, as they say, change happens with you, so wouldn’t you step in as an influencer for a better and brighter future?


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