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How to become a volunteer for Non-Government Organization (NGO) in India?

Act to bring the change you desire to see.

we must have heard this phrase many a times almost making it clichéd, yet the significance of its connotation remains unchanged. Many of us must be involved with some or the other social cause and taking tangible actions to bring about a change. Donors, supporters, and volunteers form a strong support system for all NGOs irrespective of their size and their range of operations. Hence, all charitable and non-governmental organisations, be it local, national, or global, provide a wide platform for people to offer their services to their respective causes. Here we will touch upon the aspect of volunteer opportunities in NGOs.

Remarkable role of volunteers

How we want to help an NGO is totally a personal choice,
but what makes the difference is are we doing it selflessly!
Keeping focus on India, we are one among the top countries having approximately 31-lakh NGOs operating for different causes. These NGOs are working relentlessly to bring about a sustainable change across all aspects of the community – people, animals, environment, economy, and more. Each NGO in India, whether it is operating locally or across the country’s topography require the involvement of the citizens in capacity of financial help, knowledge-sharing partners, ambassadors, and volunteers.
Volunteers are one of the most prized possession of NGOs. They are groups of selfless supporters who get involved with the functions of an NGO without expectation of any personal benefit. They are the ‘real examples’ of giving back to society. They selflessly volunteer their time, resource, and skills to benefit others. Volunteers are that asset any and all NGOs strive to build by providing ample volunteer opportunities. Volunteers get involved with spreading awareness about a particular cause, provide on ground support, assist in functions of the organisations based on their skills and expertise. In fact, there are innumerable NGOs across the globe that are completely managed by volunteers. The commitment and sincerity of volunteers have always remained unmatched and will always remain so.

How to become an NGO volunteer?
“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time;
they just have the heart.” –
Elizabeth Andrew
It is a good feeling and a good trait to be a contributing member of the society. Enrolling as an NGO volunteer will give you numerous opportunities to serve the country in particular and the world at large. All you need to do is:
  •       Choose a cause you feel for, the most. It could be anything from human rights to environmental causes, women, children, health, education, animal protection, and the like.
  •    Select the NGO you would like to work with.
  •   Contact the NGO describing your interest to be an NGO volunteer.
  •    Depending on the communication sent by your selected NGO in India, you can begin your volunteer work with them.

Volunteer opportunities in Akshaya Patra
Empower children of India with health, education, and talent

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is an Indian mid-day meal NGO established in 2000. This NGO has been supporting education of children across India by providing them with nutritious school lunch every day. This meal has proved to be a potential intervention in helping children from socio-economically challenging backgrounds to continue their schooling and walk towards their goals.
Presently, Akshaya Patra is providing regular school meals to 1,765,436 children studying in 16, 785 Government schools and Government-aided schools. The Foundation has its operations in 49 locations of 12 States and 1 Union Territory. This NGOin India encourages and welcomes volunteers, be it individuals, student groups or groups, institutions, businesses, and corporates. The support Akshaya Patra has received from volunteers has immensely benefitted millions of children across the country.


We all have something to give – money, skill, knowledge, or may be just time; and this makes all of us rich in our own ways.
Be the one to spread love, joy, and hope!


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