Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Akshaya Patra Nutritious Food for Children shaping their Dreams

The Akshaya Patra Foundation by providing one wholesome meal not only nourishes the hungry stomach but also helps student to find the way to shape their dream. This is evident from the story of Mohammad Rafi.

Mohammad Rafi, 16-year old is a grade 10th student of Guttahalli Higher Primary school, Bangalore. His mother, a tailor by profession is the sole earner of the family as his father is bed ridden due to incurable medical conditions. Previously dwelling in a village his father could not be given proper and timely treatment due to limited medical facilities.

When asked about his aim in life, he responded in a very confident voice and unwavering faith that he will pursue medical science and do research in the field of incurable diseases. Interesting enough to see a child so focused and determined about his dream aroused the curiosity of knowing the reason behind the determination.

Since years Mohammad has been seeing the plight of his father, his suffering and guilt of being unable to support his family.  The fact that his father’s nerve cant’ be cured was just unacceptable for him. School education taught him how science has helped human race and its evolution.   This made Mohammad Rafi inclined towards medical science. Today he is determined to be a doctor and further do research in medical science to find vaccines and treatment for his father’s disease and some other incurable diseases. It is pathos arose out of his father’s condition and path shown by education which is shaping his dream.

He says ‘Akshaya Patra’s one meal is a great support for his mother as she doesn’t have to spend on his food. He says, “The meal is nutritious, healthy and tasty”. Being interested in science he also talks that how ample addition of vegetables in Akshaya Patra curries helps in the growth of mind and body. He is also aware that he shares his name with a very renowned singer.

Akshaya Patra serves mid day meal to this school and over 9000 schools in 19 locations across 9 Indian states. Currently, feeding 1.3 million children Akshaya Patra is continuously working towards a hunger free and educated society. This mid-day meal programme of Akshaya Patra bear out to be a real blessing for the children like Mohammad Rafi and an incentive for many parents. It gives them the assurance of healthy food for children and benefits of education to follow their dreams and look forward to a prosperous life.


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