Tuesday, 6 August 2013

NGO in India Maintain Quality Standards For Mid Day Meal Scheme

NGO in India provides Mid Day Meals to 1.3 million children daily through 19 kitchens and across nine states. Food safety is our number one priority and is being achieved in our organization in a very comprehensive way that is tailored to the needs of each kitchen.

Compliance with ISO22000 - Comprehensive systems and processes in compliance with ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System). In every ISO kitchen we have a FSTL (Food Safety Team Leader) or a Sr. Quality officer who assumes the responsibility of FSTL who ensures all the systems and processes are effective in ensuring that the food is safe.

 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)- implemented across all kitchens led by FSTLs including 250 check points and monthly audits performed by quality officers from other kitchens. GMP covers Best personal hygiene practices, Best pest control practices, Best storage practices, Best production practices and Best vehicle hygiene practices.

 SQM (Supplier Quality Management)- supply quality is ensured through active management of Supplier selection, Supplier qualification, and Supplier ratings.

QC (Quality Control) - process which ensures we accept only the highest quality products as it comes into our facilities.

Stores Best Practices - process ensures we store and consume the product the right away (First in-First out; First expiry-First out). Quality metrics like Food quality Index, Incoming Lot acceptance percentage, Best Stores Practices, Productive Process Compliance, all indicate to us how our processes are performing. We take corrective actions as appropriate and improve our performance continuously.
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