Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Akshaya Patra meals are nutrition food for children’s mind and body

 Mid-Day Meal Scheme implemented by Akshaya Patra is a major source of nutrition and has become an important factor of its beneficiary children’s physical and mental health. This section throws light on how Akshaya Patra food for education has become vital in bringing the nutrition food for children’s development.

The Mid-Day Meal Scheme by the government requires that all the implementing partners ensure that nutrition food for children’s benefit is provided diligently; to increase the nutrition levels among the children. In lieu of this requirement Akshaya Patra ensures its food for education is nutritious, wholesome and unlimited.

How is Akshaya Patra ensuring effective implementation of mid-day meals scheme?

Many factors affect the food intake of the children. Even if you supply nutrition food for children’s benefit, you still need to ensure child consumes sufficient quantity food for appropriate intake of nutrition. Akshaya Patra diligently ensures that its food for education is wholesome and meets the prescribed nutrition levels as per the scheme. At the same time the organisation is also meticulous in studying child’s behaviour in regards to food.

Akshaya Patra has been collecting feedback on its implementation of Mid-Day Meal Scheme, from teachers and children and as per the feedback it has taken many initiatives. As the organisation learnt that the food for education, it serves, has to be of more variety, many new recipes have been introduced depending on the regions of operations. None of the recipes repeat twice within a week.

The menu items more liked by children are served more frequently and vice versa. All this is to ensure that the nutrition food for children’s appetite, prepared by Akshaya Patra is well thought of. The menu items are specific to the preferences and staple grain of the immediate locale. As it is established that the food has direct impact on cognition as well and aids to better learning ability; the concept of food for education drives the organisation constantly and it hopes to bring food that nourishes the children physically and mentally.

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