Thursday, 2 April 2015

Akshaya Patra wishing the best to all its beneficiaries

The NGO blog of Akshaya Patra brings across the potential of mid-day meal programme in the growth and achievement of millions of underserved children. The socio-economic conditions of the many beneficiaries in Government schools are so low that the children from this background are often forced to work for their meals. But with the introduction of mid-day meal programme parents of millions of children have chosen education over earning a square meal.

Every year thousands of children across all Government schools appear for their yearly evaluation in the form of Final Examinations. It is the time when these children get a chance to prove themselves of their ability. Being a mid-day meal programme implementer Akshaya Patra feels proud that this initiative is able to feed these underserved children and helping them to study and focus on their goals. When stomachs are filled with nutritious meals then it provides the opportunity to think beyond food thereby allowing children to aspire higher.

Thus Akshaya Patra wishes all its beneficiaries the best of luck for completing their final exams successfully. A read of NGO blogs will familiarise more with the organisation and various aspects of the programme.

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