Wednesday, 29 April 2015

International Labour Day: What makes Akshaya Patra a great place to work

International Labour Day is celebrated on May 1st each year to celebrate labour unions and commit to the cause of providing access to safe and dignified labour opportunities to the workers. Akshaya Patra too believes in this need to provide well for its employees and so as part of its work to feed a hungry child, the Foundation also ensures that every employee enjoys equal potential for growth, safe and dignified working conditions and equal pay regardless of gender. With a total employment rate of over 4,000 men and 2,200 women (as per January 2015 records), the organisation ensures that there is an environment of mutual trust and fulfilment between the Foundation and its employees. Through the generosity of those who donate online, the Foundation is able to provide permanent, sustainable employment to this dedicated staff.

On International Labour Day, let's look back at how Akshaya Patra looks after its employees. Each employee enjoys the opportunity for equal growth in the organisation. In fact so much is the satisfaction of working with an organisation like this, and helping to feed a hungry child, that many employees have stayed over a decade with the Foundation. The Foundation also ensures that for the lowest paid staff, the organisation adheres to the minimum wage requirements set down by the Central and State Governments. Besides this, the Foundation also follows other statutory laws such as the Payment of Gratuity Act (1972), Employee State Insurance Act (1948) and the Employee Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act (1952). Such is their belief in the cause, and their satisfaction at work that many employees avail the option to donate online to help reduce classroom hunger in India.

Part of International Labour Day is the recognition of equal opportunity and pay regardless of gender. Akshaya Patra employs women in almost all 24 kitchen units across the country where they assist on cooking the food to feed a hungry child on every school day. In the decentralised kitchens located in remote areas like Baran and Nayagarh, the daily mid-day meal is prepared by women employed from local self-help groups. Currently the Foundation provides permanent employment to over 1,400 women from these self-help groups. Through this employment the women receive steady income and also higher social standing in their community. To help the Foundation continue to provide gainful employment to these loyal men and women, donate online and support the cause of this organisation.

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