Friday, 25 September 2015

Akshaya Patra’s Mid-day Meal Programme Cost

The Akshaya Patra Foundation meticulously plans, manages and executes its mid-day meal programme. It believes in being transparent with all its stakeholders. The Foundation has therefore been regularly publishing its Annual Report with information about its developments, achievements, plans and audited financial statements. The Foundation works in a Public-Private Partnership model and this model allows the Foundation to receive grants and subsidies from Government and donations from supporters. On an average this is how your money is spent on mid-day meal programme: 84% of the income is used towards mid-day meal programme cost, 12% towards programme management cost and 4% towards fund raising and communication requirements to raise awareness of the need to feed hungry children.

Mid-day Meal Report

At Akshaya Patra, it costs just Rs. 750 to feed a child every day for one whole year. This means when a donor contributes Rs. 750 to feed hungry children and end classroom hunger, the donor is actually taking care of a child’s mid-day meal each day for an entire year. Each donation is acknowledged by Akshaya Patra by sending a receipt of donation along with Tax Exemption Certificate to the donor. A contribution of Rs. 750 makes the donor eligible for 100% tax exemption.

Feed the Hungry Children

The mid-day meal report further encourages the sustenance and continuation of the mid-day meal programme with its positive impact seen in terms of increased enrolment and attendance, decreased drop-out rate, enhanced level of concentration and energy among children along with improved socialisation among children. Contribute to feed the children and help in eliminating classroom hunger and boosting education.


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