Thursday, 15 October 2015

Akshaya Patra Kitchen Provided Relief for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Setting up of Akshaya Patra kitchen as a Nepal Earthquake Relief measure was a cumulative decision of Tata Trusts, Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha and The Akshaya Patra Foundation. This decision was taken after receiving official instruction from the Prime Minister’s Office on 28 April 2015, three days after the devastating earthquake that hit the Himalayan kingdom. Akshaya Patra being in the mid-day meal sector to provide food for children had the expertise to handle cooking nutritious meals in bulk and also taking care of hygiene and cleanliness. It also had the experience of setting up of centralised kitchen to meet the requirement in Nepal. Thus with aid from the Tata Trusts and Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha, Akshaya Patra kitchen was set up in a full-fledged manner by transporting equipment and installation material from Bengaluru, Pune, Lucknow and Valsad to Nepal.
Akshaya Patra Kitchen

Funding by The Tata Trusts and ground support to undertake food delivery by Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha greatly helped in the Nepal Earthquake Relief. This support enabled Akshaya Patra to set up its kitchen in a record time of five days. The Akshaya Patra kitchen began operating and served its first meal on 19 June 2015. Beginning with feeding 1,087 people at Bode, the kitchen gradually increased its feeding capacity. During the first month as a Nepal Earthquake Relief provider, Akshaya Patra served 441,632 meals.
Spanning a journey of 88 days of serving food for children, youth and senior citizens, Akshaya Patra served 1.4 million meals. As was planned the Akshaya Patra kitchen that served as Nepal Earthquake Relief was closed down on 17 September 2015.

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