Friday, 9 October 2015

Get Income Tax Exemption by Donating to Non-Profit Organisation

There are numerous non-profit organisations across India working for variety of causes touching upon environmental, social, health and the like. These NGOs receive support from government and it also depends upon involvement of general public in terms of donation, volunteering and support. All NGOs work for a primary cause and strive to benefit the population at the grass root level. This is so because when we are looking at a sustainable change across all sections of the society then we need to focus on the lowest rung of the society. As NGOs require funds to manage their programme, they also provide a platform for supporters and donors to get involved with their cause. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a NGO that has been working in partnership with government and philanthropic supporters to implement, sustain and expand its mid-day meal programme. Akshaya Patra serving children by being in the mid-day meal sector for over a decade has witnessed the potential of growth and sustainability when the entire community gets involved with the cause.

Income tax exemption
Like other NGOs, Akshaya Patra too has chalked out an elaborate range of choices for its supporters to choose from. This caters to the skill, time and resources that supporters can contribute towards the Foundation. One can choose to support the mid-day meal programme of Akshaya Patra by choosing to donate in memory of loved ones, weddings, birthdays, festivals or maybe get involved for Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives too. When we donate in memory of someone dear to us, it is a form of gratitude we pay to the departed soul and serving children with that thought is one of the noblest philanthropic acts. Get Involved will open up a plethora of choices available for supporters across India and abroad to benefit the undeserved children with wholesome meals per day. 

Mostly all registered non-profit organizations will provide a donation receipt to its donors and will have the provision of providing income tax exemption, and Akshaya Patra is one among them. This arrangement makes donation to be benefitting the beneficiary and the donor too. With the donation that the Akshaya Patra receives, it can steer the programme towards benefitting more and more children; and on the other hand it benefits the donors by making them eligible for income tax exemption. During the income tax filing period, we search high and low to show investments that could be eligible for exemption. Here donating to NGOs could be an answer. At Akshaya Patra, a donor who contributes Rs. 500 or more become eligible for receiving tax exemption certificate.

Currently, the Foundation feeds more than 1.4 million children every day and it aims to feed 5 million by 2020. This indicates the proportion of support the non-profit organisation is looking forward to from across all sections of the society. Partner with Akshaya Patra and partake in developing the young citizens of the country to become healthy, literate and confident. Get involved in the service of children for a better and promising future. 


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