Thursday, 21 February 2013

Beneficiaries of The Akshaya Patra Foundation’s Mid Day Meal programme- Sane Guravanahalli, Bangalore

“Maturity comes with age” is a general notion. But, here is a child of 3rd Standard who redefines this notion.

Pallavi, a 3rd Standard student of Government High School, Sane Guravanahalli, Bangalore reflects a sense of responsibility in her conduct. Conversation with her brought to fore that she has a younger sister and brother and an elder sister. She says, “My elder sister stays with my grandmother back in native. My younger sister studies in the same school. My mother works as a household help and my father is a vegetable vendor.” When asked about her ambition, she said without a second thought, “I want to become a doctor. I want to help people.”Her teacher says, “For her age Pallavi is a very mature child. She can think like a 10th Standard girl.”

What is the reason behind such maturity? Pallavi comes from a family where income of both parents is highly crucial to meet the basic expenses. But recently, in an unfortunate incident, her father met with an accident. During that time Pallavi started worrying about his income. The concern of how the family will run began to bother her. This incidence that she had to go through at such a tender age made her responsible and instilled in her the trait of mature thinking.

Her teacher says, “Apart from having the quality of thinking in a mature way, Pallavi is a great team player. She mingles with every student in her class. She is good at studies and takes responsibilities.” These traits are of significance when it comes to an ambition of becoming a doctor, and Pallavi has them all at such a young age. Pallavi says, “I love coming to school. I love the meal that I get in school and my favourite of all is Tomato rice.”

Pallavi and all the students studying in this school are beneficiaries of The Akshaya Patra Foundation’s mid day meal. Akshaya Patra feels gratified that it is able to provide at least one wholesome meal to Pallavi and many other children like her. Akshaya Patra is currently operating in 19 locations across India feeding 1.3 million children everyday. The mission of the Foundation is to feed 5 million children in India by 2020.

Contribute to Akshaya Patra and help the Foundation to expand its reach in a way that it achieves its set aim and go beyond it. Donate now to feed the needy children in India and gift them one wholesome meal a day along with the benefit of getting educated.


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