Thursday, 14 March 2013

Aid a Cause While Saving Tax - Indian NGO

Globally, there are many NGOs working towards critical causes. The gamut of causes varies from environmental, social, human rights, health and nutrition, education, animal rights and the like. These NGOs either function in one particular location of the world or are branched out across the globe. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a NGO in India. This Indian NGO works towards providing mid-day meal to children in India. It works in partnership with Central and State Governments. There is a strong belief of providing “unlimited food for education” behind its mid-day meal programme implementation. 

Started in 2000 by feeding just 1500 children, today Akshaya Patra feeds 1.3 million children across India everyday. It has been a journey of 12 years to reach out to children across 9 states of India. Children studying in more than 9000 Government schools are served with freshly cooked, nutritious and wholesome school lunch. This meal for many children is the only full meal of the day. 

Apart from providing nutritional and health benefits to the children in India, it also acts a reason for them to come to school. This Indian NGO takes care of the local palate while preparing the mid-day meal. As the operation of Akshaya Patra is spread across different states of India, it becomes important to adapt the taste of the meal to each location so that children enjoy their meal. However, in doing so, it keeps the nutritional quality of each palate intact. 

This Indian NGO runs the programme in Public- Private Partnership model. Apart from the subsidies and aid that the Government provides, it depends on the contributions of the Corporate and Individual donors. For this it has charted out many opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives and individual volunteering. Akshaya Patra is registered under Indian Trusts Act, 1882. 

It provides 100 % tax exemption for all the donations above Rs. 500 under Section 35 AC of the Income Tax Act of the Government of India. Consider to donate for Akshaya Patra that is constantly striving to provide food for the children in India and thereby educating them too. You will be a significant help in feeding and education the children of the nation. Along with that you will also avail the opportunity to save tax. 

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  1. Nice Article.
    Akshaya Patra is doing really nice work. salute of respect !!!
    This will encourage other individuals and organizations to come forward and help needy ones.

    Mumbai Chartered Accountant

  2. Liked Much.My daughter is an Engineer,income around 6 lacs?annum.Can she get benefit some money if she donates toAkshayapatra,& how much/.
    It is now August2013 for this year.please message on 9320675982

    1. Hi sir,

      Thank you for interesting to donate to Akshaya Patra Foundation
      please conatct our online donations team
      Ph: +91 80 32471066(Direct)
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