Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Akshaya Patra coming forward to help Nepal people

People from across the globe has come forward to help Nepal people after the recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the Himalayan country leaving it completely devastated. Aside relief workers, general citizens of all countries are offering every kind of help possible.

Having a previous record of providing relief aids in drought affected areas and flood hit regions of India, once again Akshaya Patra accepted the request of the Prime Minister’s Office to provide food as a part of relief measure to help Nepal people. Following the request, on 29th April, the Jaipur kitchen of Akshaya Patra prepared one lakh meals comprising of pooris, chana, makhana, pickles, biscuits and cakes. The prepared food was packed and sent to Delhi from where it will be airlifted to Nepal. The very next day Akshaya Patra dispatched 100 kgs of shakkar pari (Indian snack), 400 kgs of roasted channa (chickpea) and 100 kgs of jaggery packed in 250gms packets each. Consequently, it has also been arranging to send 2,000 kgs of murmure (puffed rice) as a relief aid to help Nepal people.

By providing food, Akshaya Patra will continue its relief aid to help Nepal people.

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