Monday, 16 November 2015

Sponsor for an NGO for Children and Build a Better Society

Childhood is a time meant mainly for learning and playing. However, in India, many parents often struggle to take care of their little ones and provide the basic necessities needed during the early stages of their growth, including a good education and a healthy diet.

Education is one of the prime factors required for growth and development of the country. India has come a long way since acquiring independence and the overall outlook of the nation has undergone drastic changes over the past few years. However, we are yet to achieve 100% literacy rate and still stand at 74.04%. This has been one of the main factors preventing India from becoming a developed nation.  But the situation is far better than what it was used to be in 1947, when only 12% of the population was literate. A major part of this success can be attributed to different Government and non-Government organisations, particularly NGO for children like Akshaya Patra. This not-for-profit organisation established in 2000 with a vision of eradicating classroom hunger, has helped reduce school dropout rates in rural areas. The organisation, which started with just 1,500 Government school children, now, feeds over 1.4 million students across the country.  Online donations have been one of the main sources of income which allowed the organisation to serve those in need.

NGO for Children

The Mid-Day Meal Programme run by Akshaya Patra has thus brought hopes to millions of children who are otherwise forced to sacrifice their education and take up huge responsibilities at a young age. The NGO for children, all these years, has been trying hard to ensure that no child remains hungry during school hours. The Foundation serves mid-day meals to students studying in different government and Government-aided schools in 10 states, mainly Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Assam.

Efforts taken up by the organisation have always received wide support and encouragement from different parts of the world.  Supporting the cause is not at all a difficult affair, particularly when the organisation accepts online donations.

Interestingly, these donations through online can bring some benefits to the donors also. Donating online through Akshaya Patra can help save the tax.  If you are an Indian, contributing just ₹ 500 can get you 100% tax exemption.  The Non-Governmental Organization for children also offers a wide range of options and flexibility to the donors. They can choose between sponsoring either one child a year by paying ₹ 750 or three children a year by paying ₹ 2250 or more children by paying more.

Tax exemption donation

The children NGO like Akshaya Patra has always served as a bridge between underserved school children and generous people who want to make positive changes in the society.  Online donations have helped the organization to extend its reach to more and more hungry children every day. Donate today and help achieve 100 % literacy in India. Together we can end classroom hunger in India and better the country.


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