Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Be a Contributing Part on World Hunger Day

World Hunger Day on 28th May is observed across the globe to spread awareness on the various critical aspects of ‘hunger’. The purpose of observing revolves around the issues that cause and bring up a hunger situation and the ways to end world hunger. Hunger affects every generation and all age groups across the globe. About 925 million people of the world’s population (2010 statistics) are adversely affected due to hunger. It is one of the crucial goals laid down in the UN Millennium Development Goals that needs to be addressed immediately and effectively in a way to bring an end to this recurring cycle.

Poverty, hunger and illiteracy are interlinked. They are the by-products of each other. This provides a hint that no one issue can be handled separately, rather to break this irreversible cycle all the three issues have to be tackled simultaneously. But, it is not an easy task. Governments across the world have come up with programmes and schemes to put an end to hunger. To magnify the effects of these initiatives various organizations have come forward to work in the field of these causes. These organizations also open up doors for the citizens to get involved in the march to end world hunger. Through these organizations we can also contribute or donate to end world hunger.

These organizations become a significant medium to help spread awareness on the ill effects of hunger. They become a force to fight against the recurring condition. Malnutrition among children is a manifestation of hunger among children. Malnutrition leads to deprived growth and poor academic performance. This in turn will lead to illiteracy and poverty. Hence, it becomes important to save the children from hunger. Charity is always a noble act but charity for child hunger is both noble and constructive.

The prevalence of hunger situation is not due to lack of food but because of lack of access to food. This is the reason for the Government and other organizations to come together and work in unison to make food accessible to even the most deprived section of the society. Food is the driving factor and the source of energy that encourages citizens to get educated and rise above the clutches of poverty. When you donate to end world hunger, you are helping the needy section of the society to take few steps closer to food.

 There are many organizations who are directly and indirectly involved in fighting hunger. The Akshaya Patra Foundation, an Indian NGO started in Bangalore implements the free school lunch programme. Through this it is working towards ending hunger and illiteracy. The improved academic performance among the beneficiary children and the increased rate of enrolment in beneficiary schools are testimony to its effectiveness.  Donating to this organization will be a valuable charity for child hunger.

On World Hunger Day, choose Akshaya Patra to save the children from hunger. Your charity for child hunger will allow numerous needy children to receive the goodness of wholesome meal and thereby help them to learn and continue school.

Donate to end world hunger @ Online Donation here


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