Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A collective mission of an NGO like Akshaya Patra in India

Around 8.1 million underprivileged children in India are out of school and resort to child labour in order to earn enough for a single day's meal.
One particular mission of ngo in India suggests the surest way to eradicate poverty is through education. Education can significantly improve the quality of life of a child. It will grant him independence to stand on his own feet. When the basic needs of a child, such as food are not met, education often becomes the last priority.
Helping underprivileged children by providing them with a healthy, balanced meal that they would otherwise have to work for is a noble cause. The challenge lies in securing the long-term benefit of education for the children, and not offering them just temporary help.
The meal is an incentive for them to continue their education. It helps reduce the dropout rate to a great extent and increases classroom attendance.
We are in a state of urgency and crisis and the priority of the fortunate should be helping underprivileged children attain an education and secure a bright future for them. Education is essential to eliminate child labour and poverty.
Ensuring that children go to school, where they will also receive nutritious meals, is the best way to hold them back from turning to labour as a means to earn enough for a day's meal.
Non profit organizations, working for the mid day meal programme, believe that the delight and potential of one mid day meal goes far beyond just filling a hungry stomach. It equals an opportunity for education, ambition and a future.
For children to be successfully educated, they need to be fed. An energized child will be able to concentrate on academics. Nutrition and care is essential for every child's development. Making education and nutrition accessible for every child has been a mission of Akshaya Patra since its inception in 2000.
This needs to be the mission of all NGOs and those who want to change the situation of hunger, illiteracy and poverty in India. With collective effort, working towards a common goal, we can considerably change the state of our country for the future generations.
The mid day meal programme aims to secure an education for every child in India by ensuring that hunger does not compel them to turn towards labour to earn enough for a day's meal.
The potential of a mid day meal is underrated sometimes. A mid day meal is more than just an incentive for children to attend school; it's a promise of a future. A child who has turned to labor only dreams of getting his next meal. Hunger acts as an obstacle, holding them back from realizing their dreams.


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