Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Determination of beneficiary children in Karnataka has no boundaries

Akshaya Patra is one of the NGO in Karnataka that supports the many dreams of the children studying in Government schools by providing mid day meal.  Each child of these schools has their own unique story to share. Safina Banu’s story is one among the many stories of the beneficiary children in Karnataka. This anecdote reinstates the notion that determination goes beyond place and circumstance. Safina is a 13-year old girl studying in Bengre Kasba Government Higher Primary School, Mangalore. She is soft-spoken and intelligent child with dreams of pursuing a career in the field of Law.

She hails from coastal area of Mangalore with fishing being the main family occupation. But, her dream goes far beyond the coasts. She wants to explore the world and learn the laws of different countries. The economical constraints at home have not become a barrier in her aspiration. To support her father, Safina’s mother rolls ‘Beedis’ (cigarettes). Safina says that once she is able to earn enough to support her family, her parents should stop working.

Akshaya Patra operates in 20 locations across India and Mangalore is one of the operating locations. As children NGO in Mangalore Akshaya Patra provides mid day meal at many Government schools in the city, and Safina’s school is one of the beneficiary schools too. Safina loves the meal served at her school and wait eagerly for the lunch time. Though she is the only child to her parents yet at times they cannot afford two meals a day. In situations like this, Akshaya Patra meal comes as a blessing for sustaining Safina’s dreams.

Safina’s teacher says, “She is a very sharp and intelligent child with extraordinary dreams. Even though many hurdles arise when it comes to the financial conditions back home; Safina has not let her dreams get affected by these hurdles. This child will definitely achieve her dreams.” Choose to support many such children. Choose to support through mid-day meal donations.

Your step towards online donations to The Akshaya Patra Foundation will help sustain many such dreams of millions of children.


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