Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bangalore childrens charity provides ‘Food for Education’

The Akshaya Patra Foundation believes that no child should be denied an education because of hunger. It is because of this belief that the Bangalore childrens charity started providing mid-day meals to government school children across the country. This child NGO Bangalore currently feeds over 1.3 million children across India every day, and is on the mission to feed 5 million by 2020. But like other charity organizations in Bangalore, Akshaya Patra relies on the help of donors to achieve its goal.

The Bangalore childrens charity is present in 20 locations across 9 states in India, covering 10,050 government schools in total. This child NGO Bangalore, has six kitchens in Karnataka, two of which are in Bangalore. The kitchen at H.K Hill was the first kitchen to be opened by Akshaya Patra in 2000, while the Vasanthapura kitchen was opened in 2007. This Bangalore childrens charity feeds a total of 460,046 children in Karnataka.

In a recently concluded survey on the state-wise mid-day meals ranking, this child NGO Bangalore was proud to find that Karnataka was the highest amongst the states with an implementation rate of 77.79 per cent. In coordination with other charity organizations in Bangalore and the state, this Bangalore childrens charity has contributed significantly towards helping Karnataka achieve this standing through its six kitchens across the state.

The good work that this child NGO Bangalore achieves is noteworthy. The Bangalore childrens charity reaches out to 2,627 government schools in Karnataka and is one of the charity organizations in Bangalore to hold itself up to high standards of quality in both produce and processes. Therefore, all six of the kitchens run by this child NGO Bangalore are centralised kitchen units, while four of the six are ISO22000:2005 certified.

The Vasanthapura kitchen of this Bangalore childrens charity has been a hub of innovation with the launch of a food lab on its premises. Here the raw material analysis of pulses, spices, vegetable oils, ghee and flour are undertaken to check against adulteration and colouring agents. Akshaya Patra is one of the charity organizations of Bangalore to strive towards innovation, improvement and expertise at all times.

Safety is at the top of minds of this Bangalore childrens charity. At every step of the operations process, across all the kitchens, this child NGO Bangalore ensures that only clean, hygienic processes are in play. From the procurement of the raw material to the cooking, storing and delivering of the food this Bangalore childrens charity strives only for the best. Akshaya Patra even excelled above other charity organizations of Bangalore when it was awarded the CII National Award for Food Safety by the The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII-Jubilant Bhartia Food & Agriculture Centre of Excellence).

This Bangalore childrens charity still continues its relentless efforts to provide ‘Food for Education’ and you can help. Donate to help this worthy cause, or spare your time and volunteer with this child NGO Bangalore, and you can help brighten these young lives.

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