Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Consider Akshaya Patra for donation to children charity

The Akshaya Patra Foundation provides a welcome platform for donation to children charity. This Indian NGO has been in the service of children since June 2000. This NGO implements the mid-day meal programme in Government schools across the country. The total charity beneficiaries of this NGO are 1.3 million children. This NGO covers more than 10,000 Government schools across nine states of India.

The objectives of the mid-day meal scheme clearly states that along with putting an end to classroom hunger it also aims at increasing enrolment and attendance rates across all Government schools. This well thought out initiative of the Government of India targets the twin challenge of hunger and illiteracy. The charity beneficiaries of the mid-day meal programme thus have all potential to break the vicious cycle of hunger-poverty-illiteracy. The various children charity stories of the Foundation will bring to fore the change you are creating by contributing towards this NGO. The children charity stories are testimonies to the potential of the mid-day meal programme in the uplift of the needy children of India.

Along with donation to children charity, you can also consider to volunteer for NGOs. Volunteering will give you the opportunity to utilise your talents and skills for a social cause. The charity beneficiaries too will get an opportunity to learn and experience something apart from their regular academic schedule. Also getting to know the charity beneficiaries closely have the chances to open up new avenues of charity.

In order to know more on volunteering with Akshaya Patra visit: http://www.akshayapatra.org/volunteer. If you choose this NGO to contribute donation to children charity will provide you more details on the donation process and the different modes of donations. When you consider donation to children charity through Akshaya Patra, it allows you to avail 100% tax exemption for every contribution made above Rs. 500.

A visit to http://www.akshayapatra.org/stories-children will open up a window for you to experience the potential of your contribution. The various stories of the charity beneficiaries from across the country speak out a collective anecdote of the significance of the mid-day meal programme. It also spells out the effort of this NGO in implementing the programme in urban, semi-urban and rural locations. To reach out to the charity beneficiaries across all terrains this NGO runs both Centralised and Decentralised model of kitchens. The Centralised kitchen model is operational in urban and semi-urban areas, whereas the Decentralised kitchen model is a part of the programme for areas with difficult terrain that poses a challenge in construction of large infrastructure.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation believes in complete transparency with all its stakeholders. It regularly publishes its Annual Report that constitutes the progresses and developments, plans for the next financial year, and audited financial accounts of the past fiscal year. Click Annual Report to view Akshaya Patra’s review of the fiscal year 2012-13. Consider donation to children charity and help build a nourished and literate society.


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