Friday, 28 February 2014

Help educate children by providing mid-day meal

Help educate children’- a phrase which we have heard many a times directly indicates the potential of education in breaking the vicious cycle of hunger-illiteracy-poverty. But, in the socio-economic scenario of India, it has been observed that food becomes an important intervention in bringing and retaining children at school.

When an adult’s mind cannot think straight with an empty stomach, then how can we expect a child to learn with an empty stomach? The Akshaya Patra Foundation is helping to educate children by implementing the mid-day meal programme. ‘Unlimited food for education’ is what the Foundation strives to provide each day.

Helping underprivileged children get the goodness of food and education is one of the noblest charities. Support towards such a cause will not only help underprivileged children to see themselves at par with the privileged children but will also boost their hope and sense of achievement. There are many organisations that are working towards the causes of food and education. Seeing the potential of these two factors, even the Government looks forward to increased community involvement so that children at the grass root level can be benefited too. Though not directly involved with the cause of right to education yet Akshaya Patra’s support for education is well stated in its vision of “No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger”.

Your donation towards Akshaya Patra will be directly utilised for providing mid-day meal to children. So when you choose to donate food for children through this Indian NGO, you are actually contributing towards the education of the children too. It is observed that mid-day meal has enhanced the level of concentration during class hours among children. It has also helped in contributing towards their nutritional level thereby making them healthy and active.

The mid-day meal has also helped in improved attendance and retention rate. As the food provided by Akshaya Patra is universal and can be consumed by children of any caste and creed, it has shown positive results in improved socialisation. This infers that your donation towards food for children have several significant impacts.

The future of India is in the hands of the generation that is in school today. So if we need a better future we need more and more educated citizens. Thus, it becomes the duty of each one of us to provide our help to educate children. It becomes our responsibility to help underprivileged children of India. As food has proved to be an important incentive for children to come to school donating food for children through The Akshaya Patra Foundation will help the NGO sustain and scale up its operations in many new locations thereby reaching out to feed many more children.
Choose to donate food for children and help create healthy and educated generations. Start today!

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