Friday, 21 February 2014

Mid-day meal programme for school children

The mid-day meal programme for school children has proved to be one of the most impactful initiatives of the Government of India in the sector of child education was and health. The mid-day meal programme for school children acted as a supporting pillar for the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) initiative.

This programme turned out to be an effective intervention in the socio-economic context of India for bringing children to school. It was observed that there was an increase in the rate of enrolment in the schools that provide cooked mid-day meal and also the attendance and retention rate showed a considerable increase. Seeing the impact of cooked mid-day meal the Government wanted to expand the programme and also expected community participation.

This is how the role of NGO in mid-day meal programme came to fore. In a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, the Government partnered with many NGOs to reach out to the grass root level of the society. Realising the significant role NGO can play in expanding and implementing the mid-day meal programme, the Government also initiated the provision of Grants and Subsidies. Apart from the Grants and Subsidies to run the programme the NGOs can also raise funds in the form of donations. Online donation to mid-day meal programme is fast catching up among donors because of its easy, hassle-free and user-friendly feature.

 The Akshaya Patra Foundation is one of the implementing NGO of the mid-day meal programme for school children. This NGO too works in a Public-Private Partnership model. The role of this NGO in mid-day meal programme has been substantial as it has grown from feeding 1,500 children in 2000 to 1.3 million children over a period of 13 years.  

Akshaya Patra has understood the critical role of NGO in mid-day meal programme and hence plans all its expansions and operations strategically and practically so as to continue feeding the existing beneficiaries along with the new inclusions. The success stories of the Foundation introduce you to the lives and hopes of the beneficiaries of the mid-day meal programme. It also brings to fore their commitment and sincerity towards their aspiration despite all odds.

Akshaya Patra provides many platforms for its supporters to fulfil their thoughtful charity.  Volunteer, Donor, Corporate supporter and CSR initiative are some of the ways a supporter can get involved witht the cause of Akshaya Patra. It has been observed that among the donors online donation to mid-day meal programme has been a widely used option. It is mainly because online donation aids in quick and user-friendly process of donation. However, in order to maintain donor comfort Akshaya Patra also gives the option of offline donation and mobile donation along with the option of online donation to mid-day meal programme.

Join the mid-day meal programme for school children and help the children in India to get nourished with food and education. 

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