Friday, 28 March 2014

Watch Akshaya Patra CNN-IBN coverage on 'Innovating for a Better Tomorrow'

Infosys featured Akshaya Patra Centralized kitchens on its 'Innovating for a Better Tomorrow', in partnership with CNN IBN. The show recognises entrepreneurs who have placed India on innovations map of the world, through their innovative ideas and creativity. Akshaya Patra CNN IBN coverage featured Akshaya Patra on par with Innovation giants like Brahmos Aerospace and Narayan Hrudayalaya.

The organisations’ commitment to feed hungry children by its innovations was captured during the episode through a virtual tour to the Akshaya Patra Centralized kitchens and an exclusive interview with the Madhu Pandit Dasa, Chairman of the organisation. Highlighting on two major concerns, Hunger and Illiteracy, the Chairman said that a wholesome meal is closely related to classroom attention. A child, if distracted by hunger, will not be able to learn or internalise what is taught. He expressed that organisation is driven by the thought to feed hungry children and is inspired by the several million children whom, organisation still needs to reach.

The Akshaya Patra CNN IBN coverage captures the innovative technologies developed so that feeding 1.3 million children is made possible. Roti making machine that can produce over 40,000 rotis per hour, heat insulated vehicles are among many innovations that has made Akshaya Patra Centralized kitchens innovation marvels.

The Chairman also highlighted the technology strategy adopted, to feed hungry children, at the organisation by referring to the culture of innovation that is seen throughout the organisation. He further said that we need to adopt ideas of technologies of the west and mix it with our own resources in order to localise innovations and address the local issues. Click here to watch the Akshaya Patra CNN IBN coverage.

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