Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Donate to Odisha NGO for children


As a Odisha NGO for children, The Akshaya Patra Foundation currently provides mid-day meal to 1,25,242 children across four locations. The below table will present the location-wise details of the food for education programme of the Odisha NGO for children:

It's true that unless we become empathic to a certain condition or state of affairs, we will not understand its actual intensity. Thus unless we feel the hunger pangs in our stomach, we won't understand the real misery behind hunger. There are millions of children in India who gets pushed to earning a meal rather than being given the opportunity to study just so that they can fill their hungry stomach. At this juncture, food for education in the form of mid-day meal programme comes as a blessing for the tiny hearts. The mid-day meal programme is one of the most promising initiatives of the Government of India. The potential of this programme has led the Government to encourage participation of the society and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO). With this initiative the underserved children studying in Government schools are able to receive nutritious meal along with education which made this programme worthy of the name food for education. Akshaya Patra is implementing this food for education by operating as an Odisha NGO for children along with being operational in nine other states. Akshaya Patra began its journey in June 2006 as an Odisha NGO for children. Since then the NGO has seen the positive impact that the programme has brought in the lives of the children.

The NGO has also witnessed the support and encouragement from the society to sustain and expand the food for education for programme. Many corporate houses and philanthropic individuals came forward to contribute donations to the charity. Due to the continued support from the Government and thoughtful supporters this Odisha NGO for children has been able to increase its beneficiary base from one location in June 2006 to four locations in November 2013. Donations to charity play a crucial role to meet the daily requirements in sustaining the programme. 

One can choose to contribute donations to charity either through online or offline donations. Apart from monetary donations to charity, one can also choose to donate food delivery vans or kitchen equipments or can also adopt a school. Get involved will introduce a host of activities that can be taken up by volunteers to benefit the children. Donations to charity will also paves way for a win-win situation for the donor and the beneficiary because the donor becomes eligible for 100% tax exemption and the beneficiary becomes even surer of the continuity of receiving the wholesome meal every day.

Lead the way to a confident tomorrow by supporting food for education programme.

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