Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Mid-day Meal Hunger Ki Bajao

Propagating the importance of mid-day meal, Hunger ki Bajao is a unique initiative of Ching's Secret. Ching’s secret has recently partnered with Akshaya Patra to run a campaign called 'India Ke Hunger Ki Bajao'. The campaign is being promoted by Ranveer Singh who is also the Brand Ambassador of Ching’s.
Ranveer Campaigns with Akshaya Patra

The 'India Ke Hunger Ki Bajao' campaign will aim at raising funds to support children across Government schools. The active involvement of Ranveer with mid-day meal programme beneficiaries was seen as he generously sponsored meal for 10,000 children for an entire year. The video showcases the real involvement of Ranveer with mid-day meal programme as he communicates the importance of Rs. 750. He clearly communicates the potential of towards contributing Rs. 750 for mid-day meal aiding in hunger ki bajao.

India kie hunger ki bajao

The mid-day meal hunger ki bajao initiative with the support and involvement of one of the country’s young actor Ranveer is sure to appeal the youth of the country. The 'India Ke Hunger Ki Bajao' campaign has received support of established brands like Yash Raj Films, India TV, Red FM, Reliance Fresh, Patel Bros., Paytm, Choitrams and Fluence.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation, NGO in India has implemented the mid-day meal scheme to feed the future of India. The organization is feeding the government school children of 24 locations across 10 states in India.

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