Saturday, 21 December 2013

Akshaya Patra- a children NGO in Bangalore

The work of The Akshaya Patra Foundation at some level qualifies it to be called as children NGO in Bangalore. Through implementing the mid-day meal scheme under the guidance of the Government, this children NGO in Bangalore provides free school lunch to about 1,84,530 children covering 1,055 Government schools in the city. Besides operating in Bangalore, it also implements the programme in four other districts of Karnataka, namely- Mysore, Bellary, Hubli and Mangalore. In total, Akshaya Patra feeds a total of 4,60,046 children in 2,627 Government schools across the state.
In line with the Government’s opinion of community participation, this children NGO in Bangalore gives you the platform to donate food in Bangalore to thousands of children across the city. Akshaya Patra has chalked out many different ways in which one can donate food in Bangalore. A visit to Get Involved will provide you the list of activities that has the potential to turn your contribution into food for thousands of children in Karnataka, and millions across the country.

There are many NGO stories in Karnataka. These are the stories of the beneficiaries and important stakeholders like the teachers, parents and the staff members of the Akshaya Patra kitchen. Apart from the NGO stories in Karnataka, there are stories from other states of the country too where Akshaya Patra is operating. Get to know the NGO stories in Karnataka and along with other locations at success stories. The success stories are often eye-openers who have not witnessed the potential of the mid-day meal programme. It also brings the donor one step closer to the life of many beneficiaries for whom they donate, volunteer and pitch for in various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like.

Apart from operating as children NGO in Bangalore, this NGO also operates in 19 other locations across nine states. By sponsoring a school you can donate food in Bangalore for an entire year. All donations that amount to above Rs. 500 are eligible for 100% tax exemptions under section 35AC of the Income Tax Act of the Government of India. As a donor you also have access to how your money is spent in the latest publication of the Foundation’s Annual Report 2012-2013.

This NGO in Bangalore believes in maintaining transparency at all levels, hence it also gives its supporters the ease of knowing the break-up of the total cost of a meal at

Think to do something sustainable by deciding to donate food in Bangalore, through The Akshaya Patra Foundation. Not in literal sense of ‘donate food in Bangalore’ but at a more sublime level. You can also contact the Foundation at, in case you would require more information.

You take one constructive step today and make it viral by the various social media platforms. Join Akshaya Patra, the children NGO in Bangalore and help nourish millions of children through food and education.
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