Friday, 27 December 2013

“Click it Write” –a Photo-Bloggers meet by NGO in Bangalore

The Akshaya Patra Foundation, a NGO in Bangalore regularly organises events, campaigns and meets to spread awareness of its cause. This NGO in Bangalore implements the mid-day meal programme in Government schools in the city and 19 other locations across nine states of India. 

Recently, it organised a Photo-Bloggers meet titled- “Click it Write”. The day saw a group of enthusiastic bloggers accompanied by Akshaya Patra representatives spend time at Government Higher Primary School, Banjarapalya near Kanakpura Road, Bangalore. These participants are the NGO volunteers in Bangalore. The day was fun-filled with smiles all around and many recreational activities like skits, mono-acts, dancing and singing. All the participants interacted with the children and encouraged them in all their activities.

The best part about the meet was the participants were given complete creative freedom. This NGO in Bangalore allowed the bloggers to explore the school and interact with the children at their comfortable pace. These NGO volunteers in Bangalore got an opportunity to know the lives of children, their dreams and aspirations and also witnessed the significance of mid-day meal in turning their hopes to reality.

After the school visit Akshaya Patra arranged for a kitchen visit for all the participants. The kitchen visit took place in the V.K Hill kitchen, where the NGO volunteers in Bangalore received a guided tour of the entire kitchen and its processes. The effort of this NGO in Bangalore in providing free school lunch was well appreciated by the bloggers. Some of the participants even offered to volunteer as a support for education with the Foundation. All the materials collected by them during the meet will be collated and published as photo-essays and blogs.These contributions will prove to be a great resource for the Foundation in creating awareness and spread the word about the Foundation’s cause.

You too can contribute and support child charity either through funds or through your talent. Visit Get Involved to know more about the different ways to support child charity through Akshaya Patra.
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