Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Donate to Children's Charities and invest in children's future!

 Donate to children's charity such as The Akshaya Patra Foundation, which works in partnership with the Government in implementation of the Mid-Day Meals Scheme. The organisation serves mid day meals in over 10,000 Government and Government aided schools reaching 1.39 Million children across 9 states in the country. Akshaya Patra is implementing mid day meal scheme in Rajasthan as well. As an NGO in Rajasthan, which is working with the State Government of Rajasthan for implementing the scheme, Akshaya Patra reaches 135,910 children from 1,830 schools across the state.

This NGO in Rajasthan has set up kitchens in three locations: Jaipur, Nathdwara and Baran. For the purpose of implementing the Mid-Day Meal Scheme in Rajasthan, Akshaya Patra has set up two centralised kitchens in Jaipur and Nathdwara and decentralised kitchens in Baran. To reach out to 135,910 children in Rajasthan, the organisation needs support from all. When you donate to children's charities such as Akshaya Patra, you ensure that these children receive fresh, wholesome meal every school day. In many cases, you help children gain access to not only food, but also education.  As, many children would have to work in order afford just one meal a day.

You have many options with Akshaya Patra, if you want to donate to children's charities. You not only could donate to a single child for a year but for more than one child. You could support this NGO in Rajasthan even by sponsoring a school for a year.   You could explore support opportunities on the organisation's website. Akshaya Patra is determined to increase its reach with in the state and more effectively implement the mid day meal scheme in Rajasthan in the near future.

Akshaya Patra implements mid day meal scheme in Rajasthan, in remote regions of Baran. The decentralised kitchen in Baran is very close to our heart as the organisation reaches to children with wholesome meals in remote locations with most vulnerable tribes and economically backward populace. The cooks employed in these kitchens are women from self-help groups, of their respective villages. This NGO in Rajasthan ensures that all the employees are trained in various aspects of cooking, hygiene, nutrition and the like. The women have also learnt managing inventory, requisition and accounts. The employees in the decentralised kitchens also learn and work wholeheartedly, as the beneficiaries are children from their own communities or sometimes their own children. It goes a long way when you donate to children's charities such as Akshaya Patra.

There are many stories of children from Rajasthan who benefit from the mid day meals served by Akshaya Patra.  To donate to children's charities such as Akshaya Patra, go to our online donations page or simply write to us at Help this NGO in Rajasthan reach more and more children, by implementing mid day meal scheme in Rajasthan.

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