Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mid-day meals donations for children go a long way

 When you donate for mid-day meals for the children, you actually do lot more than ensure them one time food. When a donation is made to the Indian charitable trust, The Akshaya Patra Foundation then you give children, an opportunity to chase their dreams.  The aim of the donations to children is may be to ensure that they get one full meal, however by donating to Akshaya Patra you do a lot more. You ensure that the child/children get one full meal that is nutritious, fresh and unlimited.

Your donations for children go a long way as it guarantees the children a healthy meal at school every day, bringing them to school. Once they are in school, and they are assured that they will get a meal every single day they attend school regularly, the dropout rate falls. Children attend school every day and get access to food and education; and this is the core objective of this Indian charitable trust. Akshaya Patra works towards eliminating classroom hunger. Because of the mid-day meal, the organisation in its experience has seen increase in enrolment as well.

Mid-day meals help children in meeting at least a part of their nutrition need for the day and thus have better health. Your donation for children will help them become healthy, focused and simply be children. It also will keep them in school; it will also bring more children to school. An Indian charitable trust such as Akshaya Patra ceaselessly works to ensure that children have access to not just food but also food that is nutritious and tasty.

You have array of choices to make donations for children with Akshaya Patra. You may donate to specific number of children per year. To feed a child a year will only cost you Rs. 750 and this Indian charitable trust will also provide 100% tax exemption certificate for all donations. The minimum value of donation is Rs. 500.  For the purpose of donating for mid-day meals, with Akshaya Patra you have following options:

"    Rs 2250 Feeds 3 children for a year
"    Rs 4500 Feeds 6 children for a year
"    Rs 6750 Feeds 9 children for a year
"    Rs 9000 Feeds 12 children for a year
"    Rs 12000 Feeds 16 children for a year
"    Rs 15000 Feeds 20 children for a year
"    Rs 18750 Feeds 25 children for a year
"    Rs 22500 Feeds 30 children for a year

You also have an option to feed an entire school of your choice for a year.  The Indian charitable trust also needs your support in purchase of vehicles and kitchen equipment. There is a need for many resources in order to serve mid-day meals in schools, and your donations finally serve the children. You could make donations for the children or any of the above, end of the day, the organisation ensures that it is children who benefit from your donations.

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