Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Morsel Of Love

Do you know why do over 1.4 million children love the sight of the Akshaya Patra little bus? Wonder what is in Akshaya Patra food that has made it so liked by the children that they want to attend school every day?

Watch A Morsel Of Love  that answers your questions as it unveils the secret ingredient that goes into the cooking.  We all relish the food that is prepared by our mothers as it is rich with her love and care. A Morsel Of Love is Akshaya Patra’ way of saying that every child needs food that is as good.

The process of cooking is so diligently designed such that at no point there is haste made in either cleaning, transporting from one section to another or cooking. Care is taken to ensure that all the ingredients are appropriately cleaned and cooked at right temperature such that richness of food or flavours of the ingredients is not lost. All the kitchen employees strictly adhere to the hygiene standards and wear head gears and gloves to prevent any possible contamination. The kitchen is constantly cleaned and they leave no stone unturned when it comes to hygiene.

The organization believes that it is very important for children to eat healthy for growth and to accomplish their childhood milestones.  Hence utmost care is taken while making new recipes and cooking with no compromise on quality or taste. However the secret ingredients that goes into the food is the love and care on part of each of the employees who are dedicated to serve the children. The film reiterates all of this. Watch A Morsel Of Love.

Feeding over 1.4 million children in India across 23 locations in 10 states is only a beginning for this organization as it aims to reach 5 million by 2020 and more beyond. For this the organization need your support. Every donation makes a difference. Donate online now.

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