Thursday, 8 January 2015

Akshaya Patra Annual Report 2014

Like all years, Akshaya Patra Annual Report 2014 is published as a part of its transparency policy. The Akshaya Patra Foundation regularly publishes its Annual Report for all its stakeholders as a way of updating them about developments and achievements that were a part of the previous financial year along with informing stakeholders about future plans of the organisation. The NGO’s Annual Report 2014 also acts as a disclosure of the financial statements and audits.

Akshaya Patra Annual Report 2014 is available in two formats: paperback and online. The online version can be availed at A click at any cloud will direct the reader to that specific section of the Report. For example: if the reader clicks Introduction cloud, he or she will be guided to the section where they can get an overall understanding of the NGO’s cause.  Apart from the online version, an easily downloadable pdf version of the NGO’s Annual Report 2014 is also available in the same link.

Akshaya Patra Annual Report 2014 once again successfully published the NGO’s achievements, developments, future plans and its financials, for all its stakeholders. 

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