Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mid-day meal donation for children

Mid-day meal programme has received an increased momentum following its success of giving children the goodness of food along with education. This being the reason the Government of India is supportive of and encouraging to the idea of more and more people getting involved for implementing this programme especially Non-Governmental Organisations. The Government provides its support to the implementing NGOs with subsidies and grants to run the programme.

The mid-day meal has been able to bring children to school and also retain them to complete basic education. The parents of the underserved children also understand the value of the mid-day meal for the growth of their children because more often than not this is the only wholesome and nutritious meal their children receive. This has been experienced by the mid-day meal programme implementing NGOs too. One such NGO is The Akshaya Patra Foundation that was started in Bangalore in the year 2000. Like other NGOs this NGO too depends upon the support of its benevolent donors along with the support received by the Government. Over the years, the Foundation has lived the significance of the contribution of donors towards mid-day meal donation for children.

The mid-day meal donation for children has enabled the Foundation to expand its operations to new locations by sustaining to provide regular mid-day meals to the children of the existing locations. It is the combined support from the Central Government of India and various State Governments along with philanthropic donation for children that allowed the Foundation to grow from feeding just 1,500 children of one location to feeding 1.4 million children across 23 locations of 10 states.

The mid-day meal donation for children when analysed actually supports the dual purpose of food and education. For the underserved children, it is certain that they come to school with the hope of receiving one nutritious meal. But, at the same time they also get benefitted by the lessons taught in the classroom. These lessons combined with healthy fresh food gradually build the interest of learning among children which eventually becomes their aspiration. Thus when a donor chooses to contribute mid-day meal donation for children, he or she is not only providing food but is also providing education that has the potential to break the recurring cycle of poverty-hunger-illiteracy.

A donor can choose to make a donation for children either through online mode or offline mode of donations depending upon his or her comfort and ease. Donate through cheque is one of the popular modes of offline donation. You can fill in your desired amount and send the signed cheque through post to the Akshaya Patra office address. A resident of Bangalore, Kolkata or Hyderabad who wishes to donate through cheque can also avail cheque pick up from their doorstep. Aside donate through cheque there are other means of contribution, click here to know more.

Provide food and education through mid-day meal donation!

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