Monday, 15 June 2015

Mid-day meal vehicle donation in memory of dear one

Mid-day meal vehicle donations to The Akshaya Patra Foundation are one of the most practical ways to get associated with the school meal programme. These vehicles become significant aid in transporting cooked meal to the schools. Recently, B.D. Damodaram and family made two mid-day meal vehicle donations to the Mysuru kitchen of the Foundation in memory of their daughter B.D. Sadhana. Last year too, the family donated a vehicle to the Akshaya Patra’s Vasanthapura kitchen on the same occasion which also got featured as NGO latest event in Bangalore. Prakash, son of B.D. Damodaram, said that he was pleased to make vehicle donations to the Foundation in memory of his sister.
Vehicle donation
B. D Damodaram and family donated mid day meal van to akshaya patra in mysuru

Mid day meal vehicle donation
The vehicles have been customised with Akshaya Patra’s signature honeycomb structure for preventing food spillage during transport and also an insulated body to maintain food temperature and freshness till it is delivered. The two mid-day meal vehicle donations will aid the Mysuru kitchen in transporting freshly cooked food to more than 5,000 children across 15 schools of the region.


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