Saturday, 6 June 2015

NGO in Uttar Pradesh feeds 150,000 children daily

The Akshaya Patra NGO in Uttar Pradesh runs two kitchens in the state. The Vrindavan kitchen was opened in August 2004, while the Lucknow kitchen was just recently opened in March 2015. Both these kitchens follow the centralized kitchen format and are responsible for cooking the Mid Day Meal in Uttar Pradesh. Together, the kitchens reach out to 150,663 children across 1,983 Government and Government aided schools in the region. The Foundation feeds these children the nutritious daily food through its programme that is run via charity donation from the Government of India, corporate groups and individual donors.

Mid day meal in Uttar Pradesh

The two centralized kitchens of this NGO in Uttar Pradesh are highly mechanized structures that have been equipped with the latest cooking machinery to ensure that all the food is cooked in the fastest and safest manner, with the most consistent quality. To ensure that the food is appetizing to the beneficiaries the Mid Day Meal in Uttar Pradesh is tailor made to suit the local palate. Therefore the dishes served in this region include delicious dishes like roti (India flatbread), Pulao (vegetable rice), dal (lentils curry), Khichdi (lentils curry with rice) and other tasty vegetable dishes. Charity donation from interested parties all over India and abroad has been largely responsible in allowing the Foundation to expand its programme in the region and feed more underserved children.

Another attractive feature of this NGO in Uttar Pradesh is the roti making machine at the Vrindavan kitchen, and other kitchens around the country. This machine has the capacity to cook up to 60,000 rotis in just one hour. As part of its efforts to reach out to more children with the Mid Day Meal in Uttar Pradesh, the Lucknow kitchen was inaugurated by Chief Minister of the State Akhilesh Yadav on 15th March, 2015. The kitchen which has been built over two acres of land provided to the Foundation by the State Government has been constructed due to the charity donation of the Caterpillar Foundation, a principal sponsor of the kitchen.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation started serving the daily, healthy lunch programme in the year 2000, feeding just 1,500 children across 5 schools of Bengaluru. Today the Foundation feeds over 1.4 million children across 24 locations of India on every school day. Help provide food for education to the underserved children of Uttar Pradesh and across India by making a contribution to the programme now. Donate to feed the children.


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