Saturday, 4 July 2015

Mini Nom Nom's Partners with Akshaya Patra

The Akshaya Patra blog for mid-day meal beneficiary touches upon the factor of entrepreneurs getting involved with the cause of mid-day meal programme. The Akshaya Patra blog talks about Mini nom nom’s, a London based Food Company working towards reducing child obesity in the United Kingdom. Through her business, Lisa Sohanpal, the entrepreneur also looks at attempting to counter child employment and hunger in India.
Blog for mid day meal beneficiary
The Akshaya Patra blog brings to fore the concern of working parents when it comes to choosing healthy ready-to-eat food for their children. Addressing this concern Sohanpal launched her healthy ready-to-eat brand Mini nom nom’s in 2014. The packed food has been widely accepted for its ‘no salt and preservative’ approach. It has also gained popularity for the social value it stands for like raising awareness among British children about the prevalence of hunger and poverty that prevails in the many countries and the need to bring change and also utilising a part of the profit towards feeding mid-day meal beneficiaries of Akshaya Patra in an Uttar Pradesh school.
The Akshaya Patra blog for mid-day meal beneficiary also mentions that Akshaya Patra’s mission of feeding five million children by 2020 inspired Sohanpal in contributing towards the cause. She opines that getting food at school will retain the children at school and will shield them from going out to earn a square meal. The mid-day meal will also improve attendance and in the long run children will be able to break the cycle of poverty with the education they receive at school.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation, NGO in India has implemented the mid-day meal scheme to feed the future of India. The organization is feeding the government school children of 24 locations across 10 states in India.

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