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Akshaya Patra’s mid-day meal in Odisha

The Akshaya Patra Foundation took its first eastward move in June 2006 by initiating mid-day meal in Odisha. Akshaya Patra began its operations in Odisha by setting up a centralised kitchen facility in Puri. Eventually the Foundation felt the need of the hour and decided to reach out to the interior regions of the state which led to the introduction of decentralised format of kitchen facility in Nayagarh district in March 2007. These kitchens in the decentralised format are run by Women Self-Help Groups under the guidance and supervision of Akshaya Patra representatives.

Akshaya Patra in Rourkela

The Akshaya Patra Foundation ensures that its plans of expansion are dealt very strategically to attain sustainability in the existing feeding locations. It opines that expansion to new location should not disturb the mid-day meal supply to existing beneficiaries. Hence, it never hurries to expand its beneficiary base – be it locations or children. It can be well observed in case of its functioning as Odisha NGO too. After 2007, the organisation made its next move to add a new location in the state in November 2013 as a NGO in Rourkela and the latest inclusion is Cuttack which has been operational since July 2014. Currently, NGO’s mid-day meal in Odisha benefits a total of 125, 242 children of 1,461 government schools each day.

The impact of the mid-day meal in Odisha can be witnessed through the many thousands stories of beneficiaries. These stories are the real inspiration for the organisation to continue the programme relentlessly day after day. The Akshaya Patra beneficiaries come from humble background but the determination to fulfil their dreams and their persistent hope for a better tomorrow leaves one awestruck. Stories from Odisha will bring across many hopes of children and the confidence of their teachers in achieving the goals. The mid-day meals provided to these children are prepared in centralised and decentralised kitchen formats. As a NGO in Rourkela, Puri and Cuttack, Akshaya Patra operates the centralised format of kitchen facility, whereas Nayagarh operates the decentralised kitchen format.

At Akshaya Patra there is a place for everyone to contribute towards the young citizens of the country. The Foundation has charted out various volunteering and donation options so that there is something for every supporter and well-wisher to get involved with the programme. Online donation is one of the many ways through which one can contribute towards the mid-day meal programme of the foundation. NGO online donation is also one of the safest and fastest modes of contribution towards the beneficiaries of Akshaya Patra. To be able to feed one child with nutritious meal every day with a sum of just Rs. 750 is a testimony to the programme management and efficiency at Akshaya Patra. A tour of The Akshaya Patra Foundation website will further familiarise you with the mid-day meal programme, reach of the organization, operations and programme management and most importantly the millions of beneficiaries that the Foundation is feeding every day. Know the Foundation, understand its cause and choose your convenient way of getting involved.

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