Thursday, 27 August 2015

Donate for Charity Towards Mid-day Meal in Bangalore

The Akshaya Patra Bangalore has been the implementer of the Mid-Day Meal Programme since 2000. With the vision ‘No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger’, the NGO has been steering the Mid-Day Meal Programme. The experience and expertise of more than a decade, has earned the Foundation a prominent place in the mid-day meal sector. Strategic planning pertaining to expansion and operations has allowed Akshaya Patra to provide mid-day meal in Bangalore including 23 other locations spread over 10 states of India. Providing good quality meal consistently, following mandatory hygiene standards, food safety measures and standardised kitchen processes are some of the considerations that has enabled Akshaya Patra to continuously serve wholesome mid-day meal to millions of children every day.

Akshaya Patra Kitchen

Akshaya Patra operates in a Public-Private Partnership model and thus it receives grants and subsidies from government and at the same time is permitted to accept donations from supporters. Akshaya Patra has corporate donors and individual donors who donate for charity towards the Mid-Day Meal Programme. Various Trusts and Foundations also donate or contribute grants towards the programme. It has been an association of more than a decade between Akshaya Patra and philanthropic donors, and this association has allowed the NGO to provide freshly cooked nutritious mid-day meal to children every day. This association has also enabled Akshaya Patra to improve its operations through innovative technologies and process enhancements. The Get Involved platform of Akshaya Patra allows people from all walk of life to provide support millions of beneficiaries not just through monetary contribution but also through their time and skill.

As a principle, Akshaya Patra Bangalore believes and follows the rule of being transparent and accountable to all its stakeholders comprising of children, parents, teachers, government, donors, volunteers and employees. To ensure that this principle is practiced the Foundation regularly publishes its Annual Report providing all the developments, achievements, and financial report of the previous financial year along with the plans for the next year. This report is made available to all stakeholders each year to get a review of the Foundation’s operations in providing mid-day meal in Bangalore and other locations. It gives a transparent account of all its income-expenditure statement reporting the programme cost and donations, grants and subsidies received during the past fiscal. This policy of Akshaya Patra also builds the confidence among the donors and supporters to get involved with the cause.

The organisation also gives an opportunity to supporters to meet the beneficiaries in the form of school visits. It also provides the aspirations of millions of deserving children in the form of hope stories from across all serving locations of the 10 states. Though these children come from humble background they are determined to rise up in life to make it a better future. Choose to be a part of this determination. Who knows may be you meet someone who shares your childhood aspiration! Donate for charity, it will allow millions of children to focus on rightful education through a plate full of nourishing.

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