Monday, 10 August 2015

Fundraising Campaign for Food for Hungry Children

As a NGO that works towards the cause of providing food for hungry children, The Akshaya Patra Foundation regularly initiates various awareness campaigns and projects. #IfHashtagsCouldFeed is one of the recent Akshaya Patra initiatives as a part of the #Project750 campaign. Along with creating awareness about the need to contribute towards food for hungry children, #IfHashtagsCouldFeed is one of the first of its kind fundraising campaign by Akshaya Patra. It was launched on Social Media Day and has been conceptualized around the fact that on one hand while hashtags can highlight issues, initiate discussions and allow exchange of views and emotions, on the other hand if these discussions are not followed by actions than it won’t result in any tangible outcome. Thus it is important to understand that the awareness created by hashtags cannot by itself change the world, rather action by people can.
Akshaya Patra Initiative
The current Akshaya Patra initiative - #IfHashtagsCouldFeed is an attempt to spread awareness and help people to connect to the cause of providing food for hungry children, take steps to directly impact children and make use of social media platforms to spread the cause among more and more people. Click #IfHashtagsCouldFeed to know more about this Akshaya Patra initiative. Choose to donate for charity to end child hunger.


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