Monday, 22 April 2013

Akshaya Patra Boosting Education through Mid Day Meals

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in Bangalore, India. It implements the mid day meal programme under the aegis of Central and State Governments. In line with the general notion, Akshaya Patra too opines that education works at the grass root level to eliminate poverty, illiteracy.

But, to reap the absolute benefit of education, it is important to first provide food to the children because empty stomach will not let the mind learn. Due to this reason, this Indian NGO is in a constant strive to feed more and more children so that they can also get education while receiving a wholesome meal. Akshaya Patra is currently feeding 1.3 million children across India. It is operational in 19 locations across 9 States covering more than 9000 Government schools.

This Indian NGO has well understood the importance of food and education and so believes in providing ‘unlimited food for education’. More often than not, this meal acts as the first meal of the day for many children across the country. Despite difficulties, this meal acts as a huge incentive for parents to send their children to school. It gives them the hope that at least their children will receive one wholesome meal for the day. This indirectly helps their children to get educated too.

The Foundation is aware of how important it is for the children to enjoy their meal. So, to ensure the same it prepares the meals in a way that it is both nutritious and palatable to each region. Studies have shown that the mid day meal has-

        i. Increased school enrolment
       ii. Improved attendance among children
       iii.Countered classroom hunger
       iv.Improved concentration level and performance of the students
       v. Reduced school drop-out rate

The NGO has witnessed the confidence that education brings into a child. It encourages the child to aspire and achieve high. It also gives a direction to the child’s life. These reasons motivate the Foundation to spread its reach. Each academic year comes with fresh promises and new challenges. Be a part of this cause to provide food and encourage education among the children of India. Be the reason for their smiles. Join Akshaya Patra-
The potential to transform the lives of millions of Indian children lies within you.


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