Monday, 8 April 2013

Volunteering Opportunity in India

Volunteer’- the word itself is self explanatory of its selfless service. It is to work towards a cause an individual supports and thereby becoming a part of the solution. This noble interest of citizens in general has the potential to change any nation for better. The contribution of each and every volunteer is significant in its own way, and the common factor that runs across all the noble deeds is the development and progress of a country.

Along with positively impacting the society, volunteering has other benefits too. It gives a platform for individuals to harness their talents in the best possible manner. It also offers the opportunity to meet many likeminded people. Being part of a cause gives a sense of fulfilment. It gives a positive vibe about the self. In context of NGO, volunteers have a big role to play.  

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is also supported by volunteers from across all walks of life. Akshaya Patra offers volunteering opportunity in India and encourages volunteer support from across the globe too. There are individual volunteers, group volunteers, and also corporate volunteers who partner with the Foundation as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. These volunteers share the vision of the Foundation and are willingly stepping up to work for the cause.

Like other NGOs, volunteers are an integral part of Akshaya Patra too. The Foundation offers various volunteer opportunities are categorized under two platforms- online volunteer opportunities and offline volunteer opportunities.

The online opportunities include:
·         Writing about Akshaya Patra in your blogs.
·         Becoming an online supporter.
·         Social media volunteering.
·         Online fundraising.

The offline opportunities include:

·         Introducing Akshaya Patra to your Institute/Company.
·         Visiting schools where Akshaya Patra food serves food.
·         Helping in kitchen operation.
·         Raise funds for the cause through events.
·         Supporting for events and campaigns.
·         Becoming our consultant.

Join Akshaya Patra as a volunteer and be a part of the solution to free the society from hunger, illiteracy and poverty. 


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