Monday, 23 February 2015

Charity donations for Indian NGO

Charity donations has established significance for non-profit organisations across the globe. Whether Indian NGO or international NGO, the importance of charity donations remains the same. Charity donations have the potential to alter many lives in the light of positivity and hope. Talking about India, there are many Indian NGOs working towards varied causes. The gamut of causes pertains to issues related to child, health, women, literacy, employment, poverty, hunger, environment, senior citizens and many more. This list makes it clear that when citizens offer charity donations to any non-profit organisation, they are actually taking a conscious step towards bettering the society. Charity donations need not be just a one-sided affair for benefiting the NGO beneficiaries; it may be the other way round too, morally and economically. When a person contributes charity donations, it satiates his or her moral values towards the society and fellow beings. It also becomes a medium of saving tax because many Indian NGOs give tax exemption certificates to its donors, thereby proving to be economically benefitting the donor.

Here is a mention about an Indian NGO that has been working tirelessly for past 14 years to make sure that children in India receives at least one wholesome meal per day. This Indian NGO is The Akshaya Patra Foundation. Akshaya Patra implements the mid-day meal programme to children studying in Government schools. It follows the Public-Private Partnership model in implementing the programme. Currently, its reach is felt in 23 locations of 10 Indian states. With the vision of 'No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger' this Indian NGO feeds 1.4 million children every day. Akshaya Patra has set itself a mission of feeding 5 million children by 2020. Indeed a humongous task but certainly achievable with the cooperation and support of everyone. This Indian NGO is confident that contribution in any form is a service to the underserved children. Thus, it opens up platform for charity donations, volunteering, CSR activities and online/offline awareness activities.

The heart-warming hopeful NGO success stories of Akshaya Patra is a testimony of the effort of this Indian NGO in conjunction with support from Government of India, various State Governments, donors and volunteers. Each of the NGO success stories is a living example of how education and nutritious meal can change the way underserved children perceives their world. The NGO success stories of Akshaya Patra are a collection of humble lives from different parts of the country. These children today are determined to achieve great heights and hopeful of a promising future. These NGO success stories also remind us that the dreams of every child whether from affluent background or humble, all have equal footing and they all deserve to be supported equally.

With Akshaya Patra, your charity donations will be utilised towards feeding mid-day meal to millions of children. Through this meal you will allow innumerable number of children to learn right, eat right and achieve right! It's time we took charge of our fellow beings!

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