Saturday, 28 February 2015

Volunteer for NGO in Odisha

The Akshaya Patra Foundation began serving mid-day meal in Odisha in 2006. Puri is the first location where Akshaya Patra began serving mid-day meal in Odisha. Gradually this NGO in Odisha felt the need of the mid-day meal programme in other parts of the state too. With the support of the Odisha State Government and generous donors, Akshaya Patra slowly expanded its operations to Nayagarh in 2007. Nayagarh is a remote location in Odisha and its terrain and connectivity did not support construction of large centralised kitchen like the one in Puri. Thus, this NGO in Odisha adopted the decentralised format of kitchen to prepare mid-day meals for the children of this location. In recent developments, Akshaya Patra further spread its service to Rourkela in 2013 and Cuttack in 2014. With the introduction of the latest kitchens this NGO in Odisha has three centralised kitchen and one decentralised kitchen to prepare and provide mid-day meal in Odisha.

As a NGO in Odisha, Akshaya Patra serves mid-day meal to 125, 242 children studying in 1,461 Government schools across four serving locations. This reach has been possible solely with the support of the Government, donors and determination of the Foundation. But, Akshaya Patra has more distance to cover and for that it requires constant support from the society. Like any other NGO, Akshaya Patra too requires NGO volunteer to work and aid at all levels of implementing the programme. For any NGO volunteers become major supporting pillars in carrying out activities to bring the cause to fruition. The role of NGO volunteers is diverse. As a NGO volunteer one can choose to spread the word, work with the organisation at ground level, work towards resource mobilisation by bringing in financial aid from corporate houses and individuals, engage people in various awareness campaigns, help the organisation with their expertise and so on and so forth. The only thing required is the proper platform to engage the NGO volunteers and optimal channelization of their support.

Apart from serving as a NGO in Odisha, Akshaya Patra also functions as a NGO in nine other Indian states. Thus its national presence makes it realise the importance and potential of NGO volunteers in carrying the cause forward. Hence, it has created a ample volunteering opportunities for all those who want to feed the children of India and help them get education at the same time. Like the way thousands of children are getting benefitted with the wholesome mid-day meal in Odisha, the same way 1.4 million children are receiving the goodness of nutritious and hygienic mid-day meal provided by Akshaya Patra every day across 23 locations in India.

Become a NGO volunteer and invest your skill, time and resources for the ones who deserve to be cared for. Get involved with Akshaya Patra!

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