Wednesday, 25 February 2015

NGO children stories from Telangana

Akshaya Patra in Telangana has been serving mid-day meals to Government school children since October 2008. Today Akshaya Patra feeds more than 54,000 children studying across 454 Government schools in Telangana. The NGO children stories from Telangana are a testimony to the efforts of Akshaya Patra. Here is a snippet of one of the NGO children stories from Telangana.

This story is about Monica Devi, 15-year old girl studying in Zilla Parishad High School, Patancheru, Hyderabad. At an early age of seven Monica faced the hardship of a broken family. But this did not deter her spirit of achieving. She worked hard and has been successful in being the class topper. Monica says she is very close to her family comprising of her grandmother, mother and brother. She is grateful to her family for supporting each other at difficult times. During free time Monica prefers to read and says that reading helps her to remain focussed. She is very fond of the meal provided by Akshaya Patra in Telangana and potato-brinjal curry remains her all-time favourite. This beneficiary of Akshaya Patra in Telangana has crossed many hurdles at a very young age and with all determination Monica aspires to become a teacher.

This and many more such anecdotes are not mere NGO children stories; rather they are millions of hope who requires your support. By contributing online donation in India, you can help Akshaya Patra provide one wholesome meal every day to these underserved children who deserve care and support. Make your contribution by clicking online donation in India.


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