Thursday, 12 March 2015

Donate online towards food for education- Akshaya Patra

Akshaya Patra has been striving towards providing unlimited food for education since its inception in the year 2000. The vision statement of the NGO itself clearly states that ‘No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger’. With the mission to provide food for education to 5 million children by 2020 Akshaya Patra is strategically making its move in expanding its service to new locations while sustaining its programme in the existing operational locations. It welcomes participation from society either as donor, volunteer or talent partners. This NGO has incorporated the platform of donate online to charity to ease up donation process.

Donate online to charity gives donor the comfort of contributing towards the food for education cause of mi-day meal programme at their convenience of time and space. A click of a button allows donors from across the globe to contribute funds instantly with clear receipt of donation.  Below are few anecdotes that testify the potential of your contribution towards food for education:
  • * Amit Kumar, a 16-year old aims to be an artist and is popularly known as the Picasso of his school. His extraordinary brilliance in academics gained him the merit for double promotion where he was he was promoted from class II to class IV directly.
  •     With the aim of serving the lower economic families, Geeta a 12- year child has already focussed her eyes at becoming a doctor.
  •     What could be more sensitive when a child of 14 years dedicates his aspiration to his deceased father? Haider Ali, a 14-year studying in Standard VIII aspires to be an electronic engineer. He says. “My aspiration is a tribute to my father who passed away last year. He was in this profession and I want to be like him. My father is my idol”.
  •    Thrilled with the idea of experiments and eyes set at making inventions, Shivu a 12-year old is an avid science enthusiast with the aim to become a scientist.

These anecdotes were just few dreams among the million beneficiaries of food for education. These children already have the zeal to achieve; all they need is little support from us. By contributing donation online to charity you will provide them with wholesome meal that will nourish their body and education that will nourish their minds.

Donate online to charity towards food for education and spread the word of your good deed too!

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